The following guide supports firmware SMK 4.03.40 or later: 

Find the latest installation software right here.

Attention: Q-Play software is available for webOS 4.0 or later

  1. If the TV have been used before, go to Settings Administrator and reset TV to factory settings.
    You will need a 6 digit password to activate the admin settings, the default code is 000000.

  2. Turn on the TV using the remote controller.

  3. Select Quick start and press start.

  4. Set the language and time, then press Execute.

  5. Turn off Auto sleep and confirm the changes.

  6. Go to Settings > General.

    1. Select Network and set settings as below:

    2. Select Network > Network Connection. We recommend using a cable connection.

  7. Go to Ez Settings > SI Server Settings and set Auto Set to On.

  8. Now turn off the TV using the remote controller.

  9. Download the Q-Play LG configuration file and upload it on a USB memory stick.

  10. Plug the USB memory stick into the TV while it is turned off.

  11. Now turn on the TV using the remote controller.

  12. Go to Ez Settings > SI Server Settings.

  13. Set Local update to External and confirm.

  14. Turn off the TV using the remote controller.

  15. Now turn on the TV using the remote control - The LG TV will install the Q-play app automatically, and launch the app after a few moments

  16. When the app is ready for use you will see a Connect code and a guide on your screen.. Enter the Connect code in Playcontrol when adding a new player. 

If your TV does not have the latest firmware, follow these steps: 

  1. Download the latest firmware to the TV.

  2. Place file on a USB memory stick in a folder named LG_Monitor.

  3. Turn off the TV.

  4. Plug the USB stick into the TV.

  5. Now turn on the TV and wait for the update to finish.