1. Navigate to Event management i the main menu.

  2. Click the New event button.

  3. Name the event and enter a start and end date.

  4. Click on Add serie and select the serie from the list you wish to be ”overridden” by an event.

  5. Optional. Create a schedule by clicking Add Schedule at the bottom of the dialog.

  6. Make sure the event is enabled at the top of the dialog box.

  7. Save the event and Navigate to Players.

  8. Select list view in the upper right corner.

  9. Select the players you want to display the event, with the checkboxes on the left.

  10. Click the icon that represents an alarm clock with an exclamation point in the toolbar that appears at the top.

  11. In the dialog, click Attach event and select the desired event from the list, click the plus icon on the right side to add the event.

  12. Save to activate the event on the player. When activated you will see the clock icon in the status field on your player

    Adjust your event settings at anytime. 

    Display a short and accurate message in a given period with Event Management. 
    Use Event Management for various scenarios: 
    View an event for a given period of time on a number of players. When the event is running, only the event is displayed, other series that may run on the player will be paused until the event ends. 
    When an event is complete, your screen will automatically display the original content again. 
    Create an event and plan it far into the future. You can also create many different events and plan for years in the future. 
    Switch content on all screens quickly. 
    E.g Black Friday where a change in the displayed content has to take place for a short period of time on all screens.