Connect Players to the company’s internal network.
No firewall opening is required from the outside and in.
Only the Player connects to Q-Play’s cloud servers, which is done on encrypted SSL connection (port 443). 


If you are a larger company with more complex network, we recommend that you place players on your own VLAN, as these are segmented from the company’s other network units. 


If a further restriction of firewall players is required, the following addresses / ports are required: 


DNS lookup: port 53 UDP/TCP HTTPS: port 443 TCP 

If you are using Cisco Umbrella openDNS it is important to open access to and any subdomain. 



Communication between user and Q-Play Editor takes place on an encrypted https / SSL connection (port 443).                        

Any content, including RSS Feeds / news from foreign websites, may require http / port 80 is open.