This guide shows how you recover your internet connection on a PC with Windows Player installed.

(The guide is made for Win10)

  1. Press "F4" on your keyboard to close the Player program down on the PC that controls your infoscreen.
  2. Now press "Globus" ikon down in the right corner of the screen.

  3. If there is an active Wi-Fi network available, it will show here.

  4. Press on the network of your choice.
  5. Set a ticks in "establish automatically connection".
  6. Press "establish connection"

  7. Insert the kode for the network og press "Next" (If the password is correct, there will be shown a Wi-Fi ikon and you are now online)

  8. Press now on the "Windows" ikon in the bottom left corner, write: "ScreenBuddy" in the search boks and press "Enter"
  9. Your infoscreen will then start up again.

If you need more help, you can search in our HelpCenter. We are always happy to help!