This guide shows you how to create your first serie for a info screen in Q-Play editor.

  1. Log in to Q-Play and click "Series" in the menu to the left.
  2. Click "New serie"

  3. Now choose which layout you want for your first infoscreen.

  4. You will now see this screen. You are now ready to create your very first infoscreen. Start by giving your spot a name in the top left corner.

  5. If you want to change in this default template, you can simply double-tap the text or price.

  6. ... Or, if you want to start a blank spot, press the spot on the bottom left corner, and click "Clear spot". You are now ready to make your own spot.

  7. In the menu to the right, you will find all the tools you need to design your spot. Click on the different tabs and select the tools you want to use.

    - Templates and backgrounds
    - Clipart
    - Textboks
    - Apps

  8. When you have designed your spot, click on "Preview" at the top of the screen. A new browser will open and show your spot, as if it were on a inforscreen.

  9. You are now ready to show your spot on an infoscreen.

    Now: Setup a player for the device that controles your infoscreen, Add the Player in "Players" and then add the serie to the player.

    Please see our guide here:

    Setting up Windows Player on PC
    How to add a new Player in "Players" in Q-Play
    Add serie to Player in "Players"