This guide is used for Windows 7 and newer
Place note: Q-Play Windows player are only available for Windows 7 and newer.

  1. Log in to Q-Play and click on your name in the top left corner.

  2. Chose "Account settings" and click the "Player Software" tab.

  3. Click the link "Windows 32/x64 v. 0.36.0" under Windows.

  4. When you have downloaded the software, install the program on the PC.
    If you are using Google Chrome, you will finde the install-tab in the bottom of the screen. If you are using Firefox, you will see the install-tab in the top right corner. Click the text: ScreenBuddy_win_v0.36.0_setup.exe.
    (In some cases, the Windows Defender will block the installation program,
    Click "More information" and choose "run")

  5.  In the next window click "Run"

  6. Now you can see where the program will be installed ( please note, do not change the default location)
    Click "Install"

  7. Remove the check mark in "Kør ScreenBuddy" and click "Afslut".

  8. Click the Windows Ikon in the bottom left corner and restart the PC.

  9. After Windows starup, your PC will display this screen after a few seconds.
    (Please note: If you have more than one screen connected to the PC, the program will be shown on the primary screen)

10. Your screen (Player) is now ready to show content!

Follow this guide to add the Player to your account in Q-Play.

How to add a new Player in "Players" in Q-Play