Q-Play on a Raspberry PI (Linux software) is a really good basic player, that can easily show pictures and other simple content. 

Raspberry PI is a small and price friendly unit with limited knowledge. This you should consider before choosing Raspberry PI.  

A Raspberry PI is not made for bigger video content. Do you wish to settle for bigger videos, we will recommend that you use a hardware, that dimensioned for the wished setup. 

Down below is our recommend Raspberry PI setup, to obtain the best settlement of Q-Play.

  • Raspberry PI 3 model B+
  • FLIRC Raspberry PI 3 case with. passive cooling
  • SanDisk Ultra Micro/SDHC A1/U1 98MB/s - 16GB


The cooling should be dimensioned after the environment where is it installed.

Continuing playback of video can cause a high load, therefore we recommended an ekstra cooling.

Do you wish to primarily have video on your Q-Play, we will recommended our standard HDMI player.

Do you need more help or have any questions? Then you are welcome to contact our support team here. We are always happy to help!

How to install Q-Play on Raspberry Pi:

 1) Open terminal. Navigate to /home/pi
       cd /home/pi
    2) Download setup script.
       <b>Script can be downloaded on app.q-play.net you need to log in. Click on “NEW PLAYER” on page “PlayControl” and then click “Download” on row dedicated to Linux - Raspberry PI.</b>
    3) Allow execution of script:
       chmod 755 q-play.sh
    4) Run script:
       It will now download and install latest player version, disable screensaver
       and add shortcut to autostart
    5) Reboot the device and confirm that the player software starts up.