To make sure you have the best drive on Glorystar meeting room screens it is important, that the screen are installed correctly. 

Down below are the recommended settings, that make sure you have the best operation by use of schedule funktion. 

OBS: Down below is an example. The important thing is that the principal are being kept.

Android version 7.1.2

- Press 5 times in the bottom right corner of the screen, thereafter it will show a login boks.

- Use code (Standard is 0000)

- Now choose "Scheduled ON/OFF" in the menu to the left.

- Here the wished time, for when the screen shall be on, is installed. 

- Now choose "Auto-restart" in the menu to the left.

- Here it will install restart 15 minutes after the screen starts up jf. settings in "Scheduled ON/OFF" menu point.

- Now restart the screen by turning off the power for the screen

Here you see an example:

"Scheduled ON/OFF" are installed

Scheduled ON: kl. 07:00

Scheduled Off: kl. 17:00

"Auto-restart" are installed

Restart: kl. 07:15