Tested devices:

  • X96H

Q-Play android device requirements:

  1. Android 7 and above
  2. Android WebView is Chrome WebView and version is equal or above version 75.0

Prerequisites for script install and uninstall rutine:

  1. PC
  2. An rooted Android device (with available space)
  3. Q-Play Android install package. The download link HERE
  4. Python v.3. The download link HERE (Remember to check the box "add to path")
  5. EX96h requires USB TYPE A-A (Male Male) - Use USB port in the rear.


  • It is customers own responsibility device is kept up-to-date with security and and Chrome WebView updates.

Initial device setup (Based on X96H):

0. Install newest Python if not already installed on PC

1. Unzip the Q-Play install package on PC

2. Open a terminal or windows command prompt and navigate to location of the unzipped Q-Play install package

3a. Connect USB cable  between Android device and PC, as well as connecting an Ethernet cable to the Android Device.

    Beware: if the device has multiple USB ports, often only one of them is enabled for USB debugging. In example on the X96H only the USB port in the rear works.

3b. Connect PC to Android device via the same network (via WiFi or Ethernet).

    Beware: Android device must support this option and both PC and Android device need to be connected to the same network. On some devices an extra option need to be enabled in Android Developer menu.

4. On the most android devices and X96H enable Developer Mode by entering Device Settings > About and scroll down to the Build Number, highligt the number and press until a message to the effect of "You are now a developer" is prompted. Then exit About and enter Developer Options and scroll down to USB Debugging and make sure that it is enabled along with the USB option beneath it.

5. Type in click the file / script in AndroidInstallPackage where the filename match operating system. Then follow the steps. If no devices is listed below "List of devices attached". Type in 'q' or 'Q' to abort install process.

   Troubleshooting missing device:

    1. Then check connection between PC and Android device

    2. Check Developer mode is enabled.

    3. If multiple USB ports on device, try another USB port.

    4. Check cable or change cable, some devices require the USB to be and OTG cable.

    5. Check the Android device IP, i the same that was used in step 3b.

    Every time check if the device is available, just start over step 5.

Ex. of how the setup should look like if a device is connected. In this example a device called X96H is connected. I have marked the transport ID in bold below:

List of devices attached

fc00140a088646f2391    device usb:339935232X product:petrel_h603 model:X96H_PRO device:petrel-h603 transport_id:187

6. In the install steps you will be prompted a second time for device "transport ID" after the devices has rebooted. During the install the device will be rebooted two times. It is important to complete the reboot during the install process to be complete.

7a. Install: After the second manual reboot, if Q-Play automatically starts the device is ready for use. In the control panel it is possible to setup WiFi connection.

7b. Un-install: When un-install is selected, it will reboot once when the un-install process is complete.